Tips from the Office of Campus Success Initiatives

Provide a quick "bubbling" mini-lesson for students, if needed. The powerpoint, "Goldilocks and the Three Bears' Bubblesheets," was designed for teachers to teach and/or reinforce 'just right' bubbling with elementary students.
Remind students to place bubblesheets on the desktop or hard surface (not on top of papers or workbooks) to bubble.

Clean scanner glass before scanning benchmarks. Why? This reduces the chance of "MULT" issues caused by an 'image line" due to debris build-up on the scanner glass. (Please see the Troubleshooting Guide for more information.)

Remove any absent student's bubblesheets before scanning benchmarks. Why? This allows for more accurate classroom results from the mfp report. (Please see page 2 of the FAQ document for more information.)

Avoid timing out. Monitor the mfp while it scans and do not allow it to time out waiting for an answer. The timeout function has been extended to 90 seconds to make selections. Once you receive the "Grading completed with no errors..." message, the mfp will email the reports immediately.

Open the Student Grade Report that is emailed and quickly scan the pdf to see if there are any "BLANK", "MULT", or ERROR#3 issues. If there are any of these issues, then please refer to the Troubleshooting Guide for what to do next.
Finally, all multi-function printer documents are conveniently posted in the ARRC - RRISD Multifunction Printer Documents folder for easy access.